When should I ask a girl to be my valentine?

Well i just started to text this girl a week ago, we are in the same class, and I learned we have a lot in common and love texting each other. I have the cutest way to ask her out, but she is busy next weekend working, so we can't hang out. But the plan I have was going to make her find these cards asking her to be my valentine saying i think your "Marvel"ous (shes a marvel freak) so will you be my valentine?

Should i make a video and send it too her? When should i ask her? ahahahahah help me :O

Also: Whenever I text her I always seem to find a huge smile on my face without even knowing it... :)


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  • Like.. right now!
    @thechica will u be ma Valentine HAWT date ma Chica 🌹

  • I think you're overthinking it. Just ask her out soon Before vday. Then it's an implied valentine.