How to get to the next step with girls?

Girls seem to like me and I get their number but I don't know how to take the relationship further. to asking them out then it seems I wait so long they begin to loose interest but I guess you can always go back, but how do you just go from number to being together and how do you know if they like you that way do they even need to for you to get a date. do girks like to be asked out I always over here girls making fun of guys that don't have good game. I just try to be genuine and don't play games but in a nutshell how to get a date


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  • Have you ever wondered why oil and water don't mix. Its has do with a concept chemist deem polarity. You see certain molecules can be structured in such a way that an electrical imbalance exists. One element may have a higher affinity for electrons shared in a covalent bond. Causing for partial charges to exist. This occurs in water with the oxygen molecules being more negative and the hydrogen being more positive. Well polar solvents can only dissolve other polar entities. Oil being non polar forms protective bubbles showcasing thier inability to combine with water.

    • Are trying you will naturally attract and be attracted to the someone your best with? I'm actually studying chemistry right now but I'm not sure if this applies bro and not sure what point your trying to make

    • Nah I'm just answering questions with random shit today. But as far as actual advice I'd say it depends on the environment. If your in a stale environment where you know everyone just do you, someone will recognize your awesomeness eventually. However if your in a new place yea be talkative introduce yourself but never allow yourself to feel until your sure the other person is interested.

    • At least I learned some chemistry today and yeah thanks I'm in a new environment and I allowed myself to feel before I was sure but you live learn thanks man it will with time if I don't get too frustrated

  • 1. Get girl's number
    2. Call girl on phone a couple of times, get to know her a little better
    3. Within a week, ask girl out on date. Make it something related to something you've learned about her.
    4. If you seem to be hitting it off, at the end of date, tell girl that you'd really like to kiss her.
    5. If kiss turns into sloppy makeouts, make arrangements for second date.
    6. Repeat step 5 until makeouts turn into sex.
    7. If sex is good, date for awhile.
    8. If she voluntarily gives you blowjobs and acts like she likes it, wife her.

    • Thanks bro I especially like step 8 but how to get her talking about herself I know it sounds stupid but I'm kind of introverted