How do guys tend to respond to surprise gifts from girls that they have never tried/used before (gift)?

Perhaps the girl hopes to introduce something she likes to the guy.


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  • Very thankful. Real surprise. Whether he likes it or not what the girl introduces to him, he will be very happy for what the girl has done. Maybe he will remember this surprise gift and the giver in his whole life. And if it is a gift which he can experience , such as horse riding, skydiving , , , he might fall in love with the sport from this time on.

    • would he see the girl any differently?

    • No. Also I hope you know , sometimes to be different is a good thing. Let me ask you a question "when you walk on the street , you see many family car , they got the similar shape. suddenly a sports car passing by with a big noise , which do you think is more cool? " If you thought it's meaningful and you want to do it , then just do it.

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