Read to find out about my situation 100 percent true?

my boyfriend had a basket ball game and i was there. so at half time i noticed my ex was playing with the other team. so i went on as normal and brought my boy friend a drink and he said thanks babe and just as he said that my ex walked by. later my ex pulled me aside and asked who is that i said none of your buisness he said yes it is and he said is that your boyfriend and i said yes. several times he tried to kiss me and i stopped him and then my boyfriend came to find me and when he walked in when he saw he walked out of the room. now my boy friend wants to talk to me he refused to talked to me after the game. what should i say to him. after the game i walked in on something i probly wasn't supposed to see my bff making out with my boyfriends twin brother. why do you think she didn't tell me. im really mad at my ex and all of my classes are with my boyfriend except science. help

So he called me and he said he was sorry about tonight and asked if we could meet tommarrow


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  • First of all, tell your boyfriend what happened. Tell him it was your ex and that you stopped him from kissing you and that you hate him. I am not sure your boyfriend knows who he was, which is probably why he refused to talk after the game.

    Secondly, ignore your ex. Don't spend time being mad at him, it won't change a thing. If he comes up to you again, just tell him you don't want to talk and leave.


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  • Gee, talk about bad timing. You can only try and talk to your bf about it and say that your ex's advances were unwelcome and you were fighting him off and wished that he was there for you. Is the bff and twin brother thing related?