What do guys look for/want in girls?

Honestly I want to know what guys look for in girls, (race, height, hair color, personality, etc.)


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  • The IDEAL woman.

    1. Shorter than the guy, his eye level should be above her head, and when she's wearing heels, he should be a little taller than her. (This measures to be about 160-162 cm for me)
    2. Proportionately sized breasts, well shaped, sensitive to touch, not too big/small.
    3. Thin waistline, slim arms, long neck, thigh gap.
    4. Good leg to torso length proportion.
    5. Pretty face, no flaws, big eyes - light coloured, high cheeks, small mouth, narrow jaws, sharp chin, shaped brows, good lips, sharp nose.
    6. Dark hair, any colour, straight, waist length.

    1. Fair
    2. Logical
    3. Genuine
    4. Slightly melancholic, can be cheerful
    5. Objective for problem solving, subjective for arts and creativity
    6. Demure and conservative in public
    7. Vivacious, sexy, 'slutty whore', vulnerable in bed (a sense of willingness to accept abuse, makes me want to protect her so much more)
    8. Able to compartmentalise appropriately
    9. Able to communicate

    This is almost like describing a great Asian girl =P.

    Dream-ideal states:
    1. Virgin
    2. Never been 'touched' by another guy
    3. Never had another boyfriend before
    4. Good family background
    5. Wise and knowledgeable about things
    6. Younger by > 5 years
    7. Has her own dreams and ideals and I 'somehow' managed to match up to them perfectly

    This are just wants though, want want want want want.

    Some things are requirements - child bearing age when time to start a family, fairness, other conceptual stuff like loyalty, communication, etc etc. But that's not what you're asking for so this list will do.

  • This time I'm going to be picky since this is asked a lot... feel free to down vote! :P
    She has to be :
    Light complected (no tan)
    Blue eyes
    Cute face
    Petite slim waste
    Aa- cc
    A cute butt
    Doesn't talk to many guys but me and her family
    Knows how to cook
    Knows how to pleasure
    Good hygiene
    Goals in life


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