My boyfriends dad is mad at me over a little text message. won't let me come over till I apologize. but im head strong too?

so I recently became a member of a church that day was very important to me and my family. my bf lives on a farm and literally does all the work so his dad is always got him working on the week ends. but this one week end was really special and we asked if he could go and his dad wasn't gonna let him. I sent some messages where I said (what he can't wipe his own butt?) and (I really don't like him) and (there was a time when I did like him but he is making it hard to like him now) well his dad let him go but a day latter his dad went threw the phone and saw the messages. and trash talked about me to his friends and is taking everything out on my bf. like taking his truck, phone and anyway to se each other. he is blowing everything out of proportion. and it wasn't even cussing !!! im not the kind of person to apologize unless I mean it and I don't so I need away to say I respect him maturely with out really saying sorry.


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  • He sounds like a controlling asshole. Unfortunately he has control over your boyfriend right now. I know it isn't what you want to hear, but sometimes we have to kiss ass, no matter how much we would rather beat the shit out of the person we are talking to. If you think his dad is bad, just wait until you get a boss that gets off on pushing you around, and you have to keep your job no matter how much dignity you lose. In adult life, you do what you have to do to get by, and it isn't always pleasant. If he wants an apology then give him an apology. It doesn't mean that you have to mean it.

    Your boyfriend is in a tight spot right now, and you really need to think about how him being stuck between two headstrong people is going to effect him. If his dad is an immature prick, then you are really the only one your boyfriend can count on to act like an adult and attempt to mend the relationship.


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  • That is really dumb. But your gonna just have to bite your lip and do it


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  • If you want this grudge to exist forever... then don't swallow your pride and continue at it.
    I think you should be the bigger person and let it go.
    I would hate to read bad things about me if your boyfriend were old enough to be my son and u were his girl.