What to do? Move on?

So I dated this girl when I was 16. It was perfect for a few years and then we split up for a stupid reason (we were young) anyway we kept in touch over the years and now we're both divorced and single I finally find her again. She hits me up one random night at 3am and says "I miss when you would visit me.. come over" so I did... I was a perfect gentlemen. I didn't take this as a booty call or a late night obsession. We talked till the sun came up , about everything. We both talked about our ex's and careers and when we noticed what time it was she asked me to stay for the night in her guest room. Now in the back of every guys mind "I'm getting laid " in bright lights starts blinking but I kept it cool. I told her I shouldn't stay and that I should take off out of respect for her (plus I had work in 2 hours) . We say our good byes and lean in for a hug and kiss but we both backed up lika "ahh what should I do" so I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said good night. A few days goes by and I ask if I can take her and her daughter to lunch and no reply... I hit her up once more and we exchange a few sentences after that nothin... No reply at all. So a few more weeks go by and text her saying "hey missy, still wanna grab lunch with the little one" ..."yes sounds like an awesome afternoon with my 2 favorite people, on my next day off" ... no word since and it's been a month. Do I give up and move on !


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  • I think you need to be more upfront and ask her what the deal is. It sounds like both of you are interested so what is her problem? Chit chat time. If she doesn't agree then maybe you should cut your losses.

    • I have been , I asked if I did anything wrong and her reply was "no just busy being a mama" I know she has a little one and works weird hours so I give her that but otherwise it's typical flirt talk when I do talk to her

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