How come I don't "click" with people around my own age, but with everyone else?

Idk... It's weird. I feel comfortable around older people, like in their mid 20s and older, and married couples and such, even people that are grandparents. I have a lot of older people in my life I would consider good friends. A lot of older people are posting stuff on my Facebook page and seem to be interested with what I'm doing. Also, younger kids think I'm cool just because I'm well, older...

I'm 19 and for some reason I don't feel like I totally fit in with my peers. I don't smoke or drink, or go to many parties, I hardly ever go to parties. I don't really even swear or use harsher language. I'm respectful to those around me. I have a great outlook on life. I'm friendly, but I just don't click with my peers as much as I'd like to. I have quite a few friends that are my age, but I'm never really invited to be part of the group or to go out a do stuff.

I feel misunderstood by my peers to be honest. They all (or a good majority) seem to wanna go out and have a good time and party and get drunk or whatever. I don't see the fun really in that. I want to have a good time, but I'd rather find something else to do that's fun than get drunk or high.

It also effects my ability in finding a girl to date. I don't even seem to be an option. I frequently get compliments on good-looks, and stuff like that, mostly older women, ones I'm not related to. I've never been on a date really... Girls seem turned off by me at my age, and the ones that do seem to like me are girls I wouldn't think twice about dating. All the girls I want to date seem to have a "bad boy complex" tho, something I'm not.

I feel misunderstood by my peers or something, I don't even know... What's going on with me? I feel like I'm stuck in this really weird spot in my life. I want to be feel like I'm fully accepted by my peers. I'd like to have a girlfriend. Someone I can really enjoy spending time with and love. but that just isn't working out for me right now. I'm not looking for sex, I want to wait until marriage. Just someone to spend time with.

But why do I feel like I just don't fit in with people my age? I don't know, could it be a maturity thing? I just feel misunderstood. But like I said, older people seem to like me as a person and accept me, more than peers do (generally).

Any thoughts or ideas?



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  • I get along really well with people who are older than me since I have four older siblings. I learned a lot from watching and interacting with them and their friends before I even started making friends of my own. I don't drink or party like other people my age might, but I know that I'm not the only one. You basically just need to find more people you have things in common with. If you go around thinking you're different from your peers, you'll never find any you connect with because you see yourself as being separate from them.

    • It's not that I think I'm different. I try to get along and be friends with them, but its like I always end up being not as good of friend to them as I think they are to me (people my age). I don't get included when they hang out, I'm not invited. I have one group of friends that are always calling me, and I hang with them, but we have a lot of common interests. But our levels of maturity are much different. lol

      Idk. I just want some friends more my age and an amazing GF, never had one :(

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    • Being assertive means to just say what you're feeling right? I mean if I let a girl know that I thought she was attractive right away, would I have more luck? How do I go about being more assertive? I want to be a girl's best friend as much as her BF.

      The thing is, flirting is not a strong point for me...

    • Being assertive means not being a doormat. You have to show that you're interested at some point. If you just act like a girl's friend and never make a move, she probably won't be interested.

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