Would you date this guy- old arrogant jerk?

so dated this guy, tariq, 37 brown guy, he didn't understand why he caused other girls to be suicidal after he dated.
he used them for sex, never buys gifts and says horrible things about his ex's. stephanie, hedieko, kim etc and all the other girls he mentions.
he's the biggest ass hole in the world and i don't know why he even exists.
apparently he screwed up someones relationship to get a girl and he doesn't care
he even asked agirl to call him after he emotionally abused her and took advantage of her kindness
total asshole
why would anyone date this dude?


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  • these women have probably been in an abusive/manipulative relationship in the past
    it becomes a pattern of behavior, they keep going after similar type of man


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  • I like arrogant little dick bastards like this who abuse girls with daddy issues just to get pussy.. they are pathetic on levels that make my vagina wet.. guess I'm fucked up. THANKS DAD!

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