Do guys like it when a gurl calls them cute?

so your texting a girl you like and you say something sweet and she says your cute.. does it like make you feel less of a man


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  • Any compliment from a woman is taken with appreciation for me. No matter how 'silly' it may sound to others. Besides being adorable is an admirable quality in a man for quite a few women, what's to be ashamed of?


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  • In my experience, the term cute when used to describe me is when a woman isn't interested in me but can't think of anything nice to say so they opt for the word cute. As in, oh you are such a nice and cute guy, we should remain friends because I don't want to ruin it. Just my personal experience.

  • Depends on the girl.

    I've seen that word used in a particularly friendly context frequently as opposed to a flirty context.


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