Should I let It go or fight for him?

My ex and i we're together for a 1year &1/2 . he made me the happiest woman ever. Everything was going good up until it got to the Point where I had to beg him for his time even the smallest text to assure me that he was okay. This went on for months. I begged and i begged I even decided to keep my distance because it was clear that I was the only one making an effort. I had confided in a friend's who so happened to be an ex and since he was giving me the attention that I so desperately needed from my boyfriend I got wrapped up in it. By then my lover started to apologize and give his all because he felt me slipping away I accepted and continued to talk to my ex as well. My ex found out and told my lover and he left me. I know what I did was wrong and I apologized to my lover over and over I just want to make things right i did what I did out of spite and being neglected I know that he is who I want so should I fight or let him be. He means everything to me everyday without him is agony all I do is cry and wish that I would have just tried harder


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  • Meh, he was neglecting you, he shouldn't be so surprised.


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  • too long pff


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  • Right over my dead body. If he wants it, he'll fight and BEG ON HIS KNEES FOR IT. Or he won't and I'll happily fuck some other dude who puts in the work. THE END.

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