GUYS : if he did not contact me for 2 days, is it over?

Is he seeing someone else or just too busy and had forgotten me? I've been dating this guy for 5 months. he's online and didn't not even try to talk to me for two days. Is it over? I am never clingy and we see each other few times a week for dinner and sleepovers. He has all his personal time and i did not ask what he's up to or what is he doing. Im worried he might not be interested anymore because im not attached to him. What should i do? Im getting paranoid help... Im worried and its sucking too much of my energy. If he could be online and replying other people why can't he text me to check in or sth. He does flirt with other girls on Facebook and i told him off, that was a month ago which is why im worried, thanks

Both of us are in the same university. I would be away for the weekends to visit my family. We do go for dinner dates and hang out at his place.


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  • You have been dating for 5 months and not attached to him?
    From your story, you are into him, but not exclusive.
    How does he feel about you?
    Maybe you are too clingy, and he needs a break.
    Give him another day or two, and chat him up, see what he is thinking.


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  • Same here girl it was out of nowhere huh? He's probably just trying to get you thinking and it's working lol just ignore him, if he wants to talk to you he will. Keep him wondering too 😉 sometimes you got to give them a taste of their own medicine!

  • Have you even met?

    • Yes we are in the same university.