Is this a good idea for Valentines day? also any more ideas for me to try?

So I was thinking since me and my boyfriend both live with our parents and there's probably not going to be a lot of privacy at either of our houses that maybe I would try to plan something for us not to sure yet but I'm thinking we could just go have a nice day together and possibly go rent a hotel for the night and just do a movie marathon and enjoy each other company also then we could enjoy our time together without worrying someone might have left the door unlocked and one of our parents or the guy who living across from his room won't come in by mistake as we once left the door unlocked and were in the middle of stuff then all of a sudden there's his mom just looking at us other times we will be about to start and the guy across from his room knocks on the door or his mom knocks on the door or the ever so fun times his mom gets home and we are in the middle of something and she`s in front of his door or close and yells my boyfriends name are you home son? it also happens when we are finished and I`m finally just about to fall asleep when she yells for him I hate to sound like I'm complaining I can handle it usually but I would like to not have that when we want some personal time with each other on V day its our first one together so I wanna enjoy it with him maybe if its nice out we will go do stuff outside for awhile thoughts on this? should I go ahead and plan this for my boyfriend and me? any other fun/cute ideas that I should try out? could really use the advice please.



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  • You should go out to a restaurant you two never went to or one of your favorites (from you or him) then go to the movies or do something exciting like go karts google what you can do in your home town or city.

    • Hmm I will give this a try I really want to do something fun with him so that could be good I also wanna consider for after when we are done everything

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    • Your welcome and believe me, my bf and I had done this type of date all the times we always liked it we never had a bad experience with it.

    • Thats really good to hear I`m glad so maybe we will have the same luck and always have it be a good experience

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