How to ask a guy best friend out on a date?

Should i ask my best friend out on a date? I have been crushing on my best friend for a really long time and i feel that he likes me too. We always hang out just the two of us for lunch dates, movies, we even go to theme parks together and have long walks in parks together. He's a really nice guy and he have been hinting out that he's interested in me by holding my hand or touching me or playing with my hair. He even complimented all the time. But we are really close. And i'm afraid that if i ask him out, we wouldn't be so close anymore. Should i ask him out? If so, how do i ask him out?


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  • I don't know... I mean i've been through all that , but we were actually only friends. And the hands holding and the toughing and all. But we were friends, lol we still are. Though I do get a vibe that in your case he does like you more than as a friend. You could ask him out like you normally would and when he would agree, say something like, but more formal.. or give him hints to understand you want a date... I would do something like that. I mean I would never tell him Let's go out on a DATE... Too out of the blue for me.. :)