Is he playing hard to get or not so much interested in me?

I met a guy on line 3years ago, we chatted for few month and evrything seemed perfect, after few months he disappeared, 3months ago he started texting me , i replied after few texts, he said he was sorry that he had lot going on in his life and didn't think the relationship would work at that time, that he had just started working and had no money to travel and time to meet me, he said he still likes me and would like a second chance, i liked him too so i gave him a second chance

2 months ago we met and everything was ok, we spent 3days together , we kissed and had chemistry thou we didn't have sex (my wish), we decided we like eachother and will have to meet again soon , what is bothering is we live in different continents this guy never text me first, he replies and we talk on Skype often, 2days ago i decided to not text him and see if he will text me first, he text me after 1 day a very short text here is the conversation

i replied after 2 hours
how are you
He: going to bed now , gdnight

he didn't even ask how i was or anything else, iam confused , is he playing hard to get or he is not that much into me?


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  • he doesn't have any right to act hard or rude now , after 3 years of leaving you , he should be as nice and considered as possible , he was lucky enough that you agreed to take him back

  • He isn't much into you.
    I believe if someone like another, he would put in efforts in knowing her. And the long distance is challenging for both of you, how do you intend to make it work?

    • We are planning to meet again very soon and see if we can move in together, but i dont feel like he is doing much to win me, maybe because he knows that i like him already!

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