I'm thinking about contacting an EX?

I broke up with a guy about a month ago and we having spoke to each other since. We were together for 4 months and it was a great 4 months. I know that he didn't delete/block me from his phone because I see him on my whatsapp everyday. I think he's low-key stalking me there because he's not online long enough throughout the day to actually be talking to someone and he changed his status update to fit mine a few times.

We broke up because he was still in love with his ex girlfriend and "didn't know what to do to feel right again." I told him that if things got better for him that one day we can't try again. He told me that he needed time to his self and that we need to "work through" this issue. A few days later I wished him and Merry Christmas and when he replied he call me the pet name that he always called me which let me know that he's not upset with me. After that I broke all contact with him because I couldn't still be his friend with all the hurt I felt, even though he asked me to.

These past few days I haven't been able to get him out of my mind and all I want to do is text just hear from him again. I know that if I contact him he will respond so I'm asking if it is good idea? Did enough time go past that we can actually still be friends? Anybody think that enough time went past that he could be over his ex finally? Do you he will think that this my attempt to try to get back with him after breaking up with him? I kinda am but I'm not going to let him know that.


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  • Maybe you should talk to him about what he wants? You should make clear that, if he still wants a relationship with you, he really needs to stop thinking about his ex in that way...


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  • It sounds like there's still a lot of hope for you guys :)
    Speak to him, arrange to hang out or whatever WITHOUT having sex.. See how it feels again. And ask how he's feeling.

    Good luck!

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