Everytime I get happy I remember all the bad things that's happened?

It shouldn't matter the negative stuff one person thinks of me, but I do! I smile for a little then think bad of myself. The man (term man should be used loosely) would only have sex with me in secluded outdoors, his new girlfriend told me I had no dignity etc , that I'm a joke and a slut. Every time I've moved on he appears to remind me of being this disgusting person, they pretend to be other people online to make fun of me, guessed it was them when I put his number on my phone and saw his what'sapp status directed at me that was written that day, I went on gut instinct was correct. All I want is to forget that man and his cruel mental torture towards me.
I want happiness but how can I when they keep doing things like that?


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  • Well to be honest, try and get him and his new gf out of your life. Don't check who is writing these mean things. Tell yourself he was the biggest mistake you made. Do new fun things, get new friends you name it. If he keeps on bothering you, tell the cops or something cause I can't decide from here how bad it is.

    Good luck!

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