Girl I like leaving for college?

Hi, I'm in a bit of a prediciment and I just want someones input. So, I started working at this new place while in school, I'm 20 and in college. And there is this girl I really get along with well. We both like eachother, we hang out and I talk to her quite a bit. Only problem is, she is gonna be leaving for college soon, she's going to a college about 2 hours away. Now, when I first asked her for her number she told me she didn't want to get too close to anyone, so I just said okay, but she gave me her number after I had already quit trying to get it. Now I'm thinkin though, that maybe I shouldn't get too close to her. She's 18 and gonna be leaving. What do you think" Should I still try to make her my girlfriend" I really like her, we have a lot in common and get along well. She's the only girl I've been able to talk to for longer than 10 minutes without getting bored, and the only girl I've genuinely liked in a long time. The poeple we work with said it was so obvious she liked me and they all think we go out cause he hang out quite a bit. She even said once when we were hangimg out that we were "talking" and is flirty over text with the things she says and in person. But we were just texting last night and she claims she doesn't remember saying that we were "talking". She wants to go to the movies tomorrow but says she doesn't want to date anyone until she goes to college because guys are more mature then... what do i do? I still like her, should i talk to her when we hang out? This is a huge, huge, bummer. I don't know what to do. Sorry for the long question, but i really like this girl and I'm lost..

:( i figured, but college is 6 months away, do you think I could change her mind in that time? Maybe she wants to friends with benefits but not date?


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  • At first I was going to say "go for it!" Because you clearly really like this girl and she's more interesting than other girls you've talked to before. But here is the reality of your situation, she's going 2 hours away. That means it would be a long distance relationship. Do you know how often those work? Especially if you're just dating and not married? Almost never. Sorry, but it's just the truth. Especially if you're just starting your relationship, you can't have it be long distance. You need to spend time together and all you would have is weekends if you were willing to drive 4 hours (both ways). But the biggest reason of all why you shouldn't ask this girl out is because of what she said. First, she denied saying that you two were "talking". That's a bad sign. Second, she told you she "doesn't want to date anyone until she goes to college". She literally told you this which means she's going to wait to date someone at her college, 2 hours away, where she'll be attending. So... I'm sorry to say this but even if she's a great girl she probably won't want to date you die to distance and even if she does it will be difficult and the likelihood of break up is high.

    • :( i figured, but college is 6 months away, do you think I could change her mind in that time? Maybe she wants to friends with benefits but not date?

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    • not for a while. This girl is amazing. My timing always sucks

    • Sorry again. But some day the timing will be right :)

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  • I've been seeing a woman on the opposite side of the planet whom I met on Facebook and have yet to meet in person for months. We Skype as often as we can. Long distance takes a lot of effort but it can work.

    You have to ask yourself, is this something you want to pursue as a relationship, or are you just looking for a friends with benefits - a forgettable fling? Is it something that CAN go anywhere, or are you holding this other person back from finding someone else? That's something to be worked out between the two of you. If you really want it and are willing to put in the work, it will work.

    • I should say, if you BOTH really want it.

    • Well, i don't just want a fling I've had a bunch of those, i want to be with a girl i actually like spending time with. She's a virgin anyways so that's not even in my mind. I'll just be friends with her till she leaves and see how it goes.