Is this a legit reason for getting stood up?

I asked this super cute girl out and she accepted. I asked her for drinks last week for last night at 8pm. She said that works. I butt dialed her Sunday and she called me back, but I didn't confirm the plans. Anyways, I went to the bar last night and she never showed. I sent her a text that I was at x and if she was coming. She texted back, "Hey I didn't hear from you all day, at a show now". I didn't text back.

Legit excuse? How to handle?



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  • You should have confirmed plans. Without a confirmation its left open. I've done this to guys. I figure if we've gone several days without talking is the date still valid? Why didn't he send me a text? Has he forgotten about me? Is he not interested?

    Give her another chance and this time CONFIRM!! I see this is pretty common with guys. Why the fuck don't y'all confirm lol


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  • maybe when you didn't comfirm she thought that it was off. but still, personally I'd remember and ask if it is, the way she said nothing and did not show up is very inconsiderate

    • How should I handle?

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    • Yeah, we brushed it off... hope it does, she is very sweet and stunningly gorgeous. Man, why would she show up to the restaurant 30 minutes early?

    • again, only she can answer that. :)

  • Me personally I would have stood you up too. Why didn't you confirm? It sounded like you weren't interested to me.

    • She said yes? What's there to confirm? If she still wants to see me? So how should I handle this?

    • Just ask her out again but this time confirm.

    • Done. I sent her a text.

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  • Well, since you asked her out, it would have been proper for you to confirm plans earlier in the day, or at least the night before.

    By the same token, It would have been cool of her, before she made other plans, to at least try to confirm yours first.

    So you were a little rude, and she was a little rude. Maybe just try to reschedule.