Do you think this girl has any attraction towards me? OR are we just friends?

I hang out with this girl all the time and we consider each other best friends. We hang out on at least 4-7 days a week and will talk everyday. Usually she will be the one to text/call me first. She's 4 years older than me, and when we met 2.5 years ago, I asked her out. She told me, "you're too young for me, we should just be friends". So I moved on, but over the past 2 months we've been spending so much time together that I've fallen for her again.

The thing is everybody thinks that we're a couple to begin with. Our friends all think we're together, and even her parents encourage us. Her mom always invites me out with the family, or to stay over. This Thurs & Fri I'm sleeping over because her parents are going out of town.

Anyways, our friendship isn't ordinary. Because It's always just us 2 hanging out and never anyone else! Also, she has me sleep over (different beds), and the fact that we talk everyday.

The other day she invited me to dinner but I already made plans with another female friend. I told her I would call her after dinner. However, i get a text from her,"hey we just finished dinner, are you done yet?" "do you want to come over? I'll pick up ice cream for you!"

She was pretty much bugging me on my date asking all these questions when I was out with this girl! I never do that to her when she's on a date. However, when i went over her house after i told her the date wasn't good and it seemed like she got excited.

The next day she was texting a guy and it got me jealous. So i went home and she asked, "was it cuz of the guy? are you jealous?". She texted me later and i told her that I was jealous and she asked, "really? why? your my bff!" She obviously knew why i was jealous.

Anyways, we go out and she will link arms with me, rest her head on my shoulder, put her hand on my thigh, grab my hand and squeeze it. Stuff like that isn't what i do with my other female friends!

It feels like a relationship without the intimacy.


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  • She seems to only see you as her BFF. Sorry buddy you've been friend zoned in the worst type of way. It pretty much is like a relationship without the intimacy. Maybe she will occasionally flirt with you but if she really liked you she would have made a move by now and would stop trying to see other guys. When she said "you're too young for me" he meant it and that's why you guys will always be just friends.


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