Not sure about my relationship?

I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 8 months, I care about him a lot but I feel like we're growing apart. The past month has been pretty rubbish, I lost my aunt who was like a grandparent to me and since then I've felt really down. I already have depression and anxiety and my boyfriend has helped me get through those things really well and pushed me to do things together.

Right now I feel worse, I feel myself snapping at him for the smallest things and I don't mean to, I haven't been at his house for 3 weeks since I don't feel comfortable even leaving the house right now and because he lives in another city it means when I go to his house I usually stay over and it puts me off since I don't want to get upset near his family. As well as this I don't feel any 'romantic feelings' right now, we don't really kiss or have sex anymore.

I talked to my boyfriend about these things and he understands but I feel guilty and like I'm holding him back and draining the relationship :/ Please help and no rude comments. If I can resolve it then I'd love to.


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  • You have a strong boyfriend who puts up with you being distant. I know losing a member of the family can be very heartbreaking. But If you trully love your bf be strong not only for him but yourself as well...


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