When does curvy/chunky become too fat to date?

Ok guys, where is the line between a girl being curvy/chunky and being too fat to date. Would you ever date a girl if she had a great personality/sense of humor and was beautiful even if she was extremely overweight?


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  • Beautiful and extremely overweight don't correspond with each other. In shape girls are always preferred for me.

    • There are many women who have beautiful faces and gorgeous eyes that are overweight. Have you not seen Plus size models?

    • I don't find them beautiful.

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  • Q:When does curvy/chunky become too fat to date?
    A: If she can't walk


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  • As long as her health was not being challenged by her weight, she could walk and not break every chair she sat in I think the girl in question would be OK lol. Not all guys prefer skinny woman. Some guys have fetishes for that body type. Ain't it called bbw?

  • The only thing I find unattractive about overweight people are the ones who don't give a crap about their health. Ones that eat anything & everything they want & don't care about getting any exercise.

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