Gentlemen! what does a girl do that makes her seem insecure or does she care that much about you?

I'm dating some guy for 4 months now and currently he's working with his ex they were together for 2 years. he said he was over her never mentioned her again and now for the next week they will be working together to open a new store should I be worried is it bad if I ask his close friends if I should be worried. does that make me seem needy and insecure or does it make me seem like I actually care about my relationship with him.

he didn't tell me he would be working with his ex most likely because he knew I'd freak or ask all these questions on top of it his ex b day is sometime this week early next week while they work together


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  • Only natural to be concerned about that. This is one of those situations where it's not what you do, it's how you do it. You can ask, just don't ask too much or sound worried about it. Also you'd have to consider that his close friends might tell him you asked. However, if he's not trying to hide anything then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

    • so how would I ask his friend without sounding worried about it , and I know for a fact his friend will tell him I asked but I'm not so worried about him finding out I'm wondering about it

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    • Nailed it!

    • awesome I got this hah thanks !

  • No... you need to ask. You've only been together 4 months.

    • ask his close friend right cause if I go to the guy I'm dating he could easily tell me not to worry about a thing

    • Yes... close friend.

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