What makes a girl want to be your girlfriend?

I was dating this girl, and she told me that she really liked me but did not want to be my boyfriend and girlfriend. She tells me that she does have feelings for me, but is still not sure about me. However she is really wanting to remain best friends. She is pushing to be friends really hard. I said no, I don't want to keep hanging out with you, and you knowing how I feel about you.


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  • Once a girl makes up her mind there's not much you can do to change it. While she isn't willing to give you what you want, its very understandable why you'd walk away. You both want different things.

    But there is anything experience taught me in regards to this subject, it's that you DONT burn bridges. Make up whatever excuse you have to keep her in your life, because she's useful. Girls know girls. Her networking value is an asset that you'd lose out on, and that loss can be much greater than what you actually lost in her as an individual.

    It might not make sense at first, but just imagine the people you wouldn't talk to anymore if you cut her out of your life. Those people are her best friends and they look after eachother. If you're close enough, they will look after you too. Guess what? They know people. More importantly, they know girls. If they want to take care of you as a friend they will hook it up. Thats how it works and I wish I knew this when I was younger.

  • I'm attracted... she really cares about me... takes interest in me... we like to spend time... have common interests...