Many guys like me. But I don’t have a bf. How can I show interest? And will they talk about how they conquered me?

Guys like me, usually three guys at once. But it changes because they see I’m not interested and they back off. Some of them I don’t care for at all or just want to be friends, and a few I want to know better. I alternate between smiling, ignoring them, or saying hi, but the guys are oblivious or really shy. The guys are chivalrous, flirty, nice, or nervous. So how could I respond to their advances? And will they talk about me since i'm not conquered yet?

After they try getting my attention they go on to another girl. So i'm basically the target for my age group, and they try to use her to make me jealous or keep liking me. That's y I think they'll talk about me.


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  • Flirt back, don't ignore the ones you really like

    • wouldn't that make look easy?

    • No having sex with every dude makes you look easy. Flirting is harmless. Now I'm not saying flirt with everyone but flirt with the one you like.

    • Then they'll know I like them. So they'll probably lose interest. But I wait a little then flirt, then maybe it would work. (btw, I would have fun flirting. just don't want to be forward)