Is distance a factor in why he hasn't continued to pursue me?

We went on a few dates, hung out and hooked up when I was home over the break. He told me he really had fun. He asked me on a date and pursued me. But now that I'm back at school we barley talk and if we do I'm always the one to reach out first. We have a lot in common and there's a lot of attraction. We also have a lot of fun! I saw him two weeks ago for our friends birthday and we spent the whole night together kissing etc. I want to get to know him more because I do like him but I feel that the distance is whats stopping him from pursuing me, because I'm away at school (about 3 hours away). I'm coming home this weekend and want to hangout with him but I don't know how he feels. What do you make of this situation? Do we have potential for something more serious in the future? Like when I'm done school which is in two months and I'm moving back so we'll be super close.

Should I continue to try and ask him to hangout?


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  • If i have a year and a month in a long distance relationship, you can do it.

    • did it start out long distance?

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    • We have trust but communications lacking any tips?

    • Skype might help. Video calls are the best way to communicate with someone who is for away from you.

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