When Should I Contact Her To Apologize?

Over a month ago I met a girl. We had a lot in common. We got along great. I really like her. First few dates went great. She initiated contact with me often and would sometimes double text me. The last two dates ended with making out. Our last date I asked if she was ready for sex and she said she wanted to wait. I was cool with it. We had plans to go see live music last Friday . She sent me a text that morning and said she wasn't going and that she wasn't ready for a relationship. She said she thought i was an awesome guy and thought she was ready.. but couldn't do anything now. I asked if anything was bothering her. She said nothing was really bothering her she just didn't want to waste my time. I said ok thats fine. She said she was sorry.. she was scared. I questioned. She said she didn't feel like she was on my level yet. I questioned. She said she felt like she didn't know me well enough to like me as much as i seemed to like her. I told her I understood and that it takes time and trust. She said she was sorry but glad I understood.

I haven't said anything and it's been five days. She hasn't deleted me in fbook. In the beginning i thought.. screw her.. the ball is in her court. Then I realized i may have pushed intimacy on her. I may have scared her. She may be wanting to wait a while for sex and thinks I want it soon.. which I can wait. I like her.. she's one of a kind. I feel like I owe her an apology too and feel like I should clear things up. I was always a gentleman and a nice guy towards her. Should I contact her soon or wait a while?


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  • Yeah, you scared her with this question about sex.
    I know, and she also knows im sure, that you didn't do it with "bad intentions" but was really straight-up.
    She maybe thought you wanted something serious or something else besides sex, and just asking for sex scred her and made her think you just wanted sex.
    Maybe she is even a virgin, who knows.


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  • Aw. Just talk with her. You seem to be very sincere about how you feel about her, if you really tell her what you are telling us here, she will appreciate it and hopefully she feels more relaxed about the whole sex thing, specially since you are okay with waiting.


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