What happend, why did he loose interest all of a sudden?

We hit it off and it was so good! We went on few dates and have so much in common and thereslots of attraction. But this was when I was at home for the break. I'm now back at school now (So we are about 3 hours away) but Im graduating in 3 months. Im wondering if the distance is making him not pursue me more, because I don't see another reason as to why he wouldn't pursue me since we have a great time together and it was so good in the beginning. Does this mean he could have lost interest in me or is it just the distance? Also ever since I returned to school we haven't really talked much and when we do it's me reaching out first. It was going so well in the beginning and he was really persistent, what happend? How I can I keep it going? I want to get to know him more and hangout with him when I'm home


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  • It's clearly not mutual if you are always the first to initiate. That being said, distance is tough especially when the time before it wasn't substantial. Keep in touch periodically, but don't put all your eggs in that basket. Focus on what you need to do now and don't let the possibility of someone else 3 hours away deter you from enjoying time with people where you are now. If you two are both available when you're back home, great, then pursue it more seriously.


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