Is it weird to want to setup my ex girlfriend with someone?

we can't be together anymore because of her parents. I know what she likes I just want her to happy and not be lonely. find a guy that will tre at her well and take take advantage of how vulnerable she is.


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  • wtf bro!
    nah screw that! i say fuck her parents! what will her parents tell the next guy!
    i say you go up to your ex and tell her how you feel, and tell her you don't care about what her parents think, you want to be with her and nothing is gonna stop it!
    do some notebook shit!

    • Lol bro no idea what we are going through. Sware it's like a notebook sequel.

    • lol it sounded like it! but dude dont set her up! trust me it will kill you if you see her happy with this guy and especially if her parents accept him!

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