Great guy, but is he simply putting me in the friend zone?

I've been seeing this guy off an on for about 5 years now (Please keep in mind that we never made things official as I was in an out of a long term relationship) Now that I am out of the relationship we started talking again, and have been intimate whenever I'm in town. Anyway, Im ready to settle down, but he has been very honest by saying that he wants to explore life and find himself (Mind you, he isn't that experienced so I kind of understand, as that was me a long time ago.) -- Also, I have been very honest with him by telling him how I felt about him, but his answers were, how do you know we are even compatible, how do you we'd even mesh, and how do i know you won't go through my phone. Am I stupid for sticking around even though he knows how I feel about him? I really like him, and I know that if we had a chance to be together it would really work.

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  • Seems like the chance you think you have already isn't working because he's avoiding the opportunity.


What Girls Said 1

  • Hmm to me it sounds like he sees you more as a hook up but not as girlfriend material. You opened up to him and explained how you feel which means that the ball was in his court. His excuses or rather counterquestions sound lame as if he just doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

    • Great answer, I totally agree, but I guess I wanted an opinion from an outsider. Thank you so much!

    • You're welcome. Keep in mind tho that us both could still be wrong. What we do know is that he likes you, otherwise he wouldn't have hooked up with you multiple times. Maybe he needs some space to figure out that he wants you. Good luck :)