What should I do , is new girl from gym interested or just playing games?

so this new girl appeared at local gym at start of January so I don't know a lot about her as never meet her until then. things have been sort of weird and we seem to be there at same time a lot. I've checked her out a few times and wasn't sure what she though about me , she definity noticed me. she's in early 20's and also really good looking and obvivously works out a lot.

anyways things got weird last week , I was there and so was she but so was another girl and I tried to talk to other girl and she noticed and got jealous. next time I see her suddenly is a guy with her , sort of a work out partner and she acts sort of weird when I'm there that day.

then today she's just there by herself and she notices me again but waits to use treadmill beside me but just as I'm leaving. and then she leaves gym just as I'm leaving and sort of plays with her hair and stretches by door and looked interested as I'm walking by to leave.

anyways I don't know if I should try and make a move or if she's just playing games and not even interested


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  • Ask her and if she says yes then she's not playing games

    • yeah but I barely even know her at this point? I'd need to talk to her a few times more in depth before I'd feel ready to ask her out

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