She seems genuine, but is she leading me on?

Hey this relates to another question I posted, I was talking to this coworker I like and we talked about Valentine's day and we talked about how she doesn't like Valentine's day any more so anyways after our shift was over we were walking out and I asked her out and she said she was going to be working all day on Valentine's day (which I know is the truth) but I said something along the line of 'no, I know you don't like Valentine's day anyways I'm wondering if you wanted to do something maybe sometime after Valentine's day' and she said "maybe" and she was smiling (almost grinning, but not quite) as she said it, it seemed sincere so I asked if she would get back to me and she said yes, but I was wondering if maybe girls sometimes lead a guy on like this to avoid upsetting him or awkwardness? It seems like a yes to me but I want to know if I shouldn't get my hopes up yet.

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Ahhhhh you people are even more unsure than I am :/
So I worked with her again today (my department has been abnormally slow) and she didn't seem awkward or uncomfortable around me, she seemed pretty much just like always so I guess that's a good thing right?
She never got back to me :/


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  • She is legitimately saying she will get back to you, she will think about it

    • The way I thought about it was that she was giving me a flirty 'yes', but I didn't feel completely confident in that which is why I reached out. What makes you believe she is really thinking about it rather than it being a flirty yes or a 'nice' no?

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    • Thanks for your input

    • No worries anytime :)

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  • She might have been hurt in the past. After my divorce... I hated Valentine's day.

    • I think her past boyfriend cheated on her, not entirely sure but it may be a factor. Do you think she may (or may not) be leading me on or does it seem like it was an implicit yes?

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    • No I dont think she is leading you on. Just hurt.

    • I can understand why she's upset, I'm a pretty sweet understanding guy (imo), I just want to make sure that she really is interested because I reallly like her a lot. She makes me smile when nobody else can.

  • It's kind of hard to really say one way or another because as a female myself I personally have told guys what I think they want to hear if they are a sweet guy & irrespective them and don't want to hurt them. But from the way you described it from the outside looking in it seems like she was flattered.

    • I hope so, I really like her :)

    • Then I hope everything turns out the way you want it to, you truly seem like a sweet guy.
      Jade-Rose xx

    • Thanks for chiming in :D

  • The beginning of any friendship or relationship seems to be hard to get a feel for what is going on. no one can really help you except yourself and how you feel things are going. be friendly keep talking, ask her out again if she doesn't want it to be a date don't push it unless you know it won't backfire. Things that a right work out :) good luck

    • Fair enough, but from the outside looking in does it seem like I have good odds or am I being naive?

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    • I think you misunderstand, we're already kinda friends and we've worked together for about a year. there's more context in the link I posted.

    • Oh! i see, read over the other stuff I would go for it! Sounds like someone nice enough not to cut you out completely if it goes through so the way i see it. You either don't and don't get her or do and she's your or back to just friends. no real lose unless you don't try at all :)

  • Actually for me, if a guy will ask me out and im interested to him i'll say 'sure' & idc if im working whole day on Valentine's, we can have dinner after my work also if i hate Valentine's, celebrating it with someone would be better than remembering my hatred to it at night lol but if its the latter (not that interested), ill say 'maybe or we'll see' but then again it depends. 50/50. Guess you have to wait for her response.

    • As I mentioned to another poster, I have reason to believe that her dislike of Valentine's day is at least partially due to being cheated on by a long-term boyfriend. Also, dinner after or before her shift would be almost impossible because I work 8am-4:30pm that day and she works 3pm-11pm and I doubt either of us would want to do anything directly after that especially her because she'd want to shower and look nice.

  • I don't think she is leading you on but she probably needs some time to think about it

    • Do you think I have good odds, based on what you read?

    • I do think your odds are good. Just don't freak her out by asking her about it all the time

    • Lmao I know, I don't plan on bringing it up at all until after Valentine's day.

  • I think I would also say maybe just so he wouldn't feel bad but I wouldn't smile lol I think she was being honest 😊

    • Yay :D

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    • I think she meant it as she'll think about it but most likely she's gonna say yes 👌

    • I think I can live with that :)

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  • Yeah I think she was smiling because she just got asked out and it caused her to smile. If someone asked me out (and that's never going to happen) then I would smile even if the person was fugly. But you aren't fugly. So anyway. She might like you a little bit. And she is at least interested.

    • I appreciate the opinion. It seems to me like she gave me an implicit, flirty yes but the doubt lingers in my mind like an annoying song.

    • I feel you.

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