Crushing hard, but am I dreaming?

Ok so, when your crushing do you look way too hard for signs that they feel the same. Do you make too much of things they say and do to convince yourself they feel the same? I have been friends with this girl for about 1 year and we got really close but over a really long time as we were both in relationships. Now single, we hangout a lot and I have really started to crush pretty hard. Sometimes I'm convinced she feels the same. But am I just dreaming?


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  • be cautious especially if she is in a relationship still
    but if she makes a lot of physical contact don't shy away, woman are pretty open with their signals if they really like you lol

    i say go for it!!! make a move
    remove self doubt and gain the confidence to pounce

    • No she is single too now. Perfect timing maybe?

    • maybe, remeber this though, with the greatest risks, come the greatest rewards

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  • Dude I feel the same way. I've liked this girl for three+ years now. But recently she is all I can think about. And she shows some signs of liking me and I get excited but I don't look for signs of disinterest. Its like I block it out. But I'm trying to find the courage to ask her out. And then I will know what she thinks.

    • 3+ years... Wow! Don't think I could keep my head that long. Good luck anyway

    • Yeah I liked her that long but now its like a burning feeling. Like this is the most I've liked her ever. But yeah its hard to keep my head lol.

  • I don't overthink.

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