If I look young do I need to be concerned about age?

I'm in college and there is a girl in my class I just noticed. She's really attractive and seems like my type. The only problem is she looks really young. Like less than 18. I'm kinda creeped out that I find her attractive. Since she's in college she's most likely 18+ right? I look young like 18 or younger even though I'm 23. Would it be weird for me to date her. If I look young will it weird out others.

So she looks like she's about 17 but I looks younger too. Is it weird because it feels that way. Please don't judge. just needed reassurance that I'm making the right choice not try to date her. If you look at my pic what age would you guess?


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  • Is this seriously a question?

    • She looks like she's 17 and I feel weird about it. Please don't judge.

    • It's no big deal. You look that age too.

    • Okay thanks I feel better. I just know that I'm 23 and have no idea how old she is. I felt weird knowing how old I was but thought maybe she just looks young like I do. Thanks

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