Normal everyday clothes, or dressed up? Which do you prefer of the sex that you're interested in?

Guys and girls, do you prefer a man/woman who is dressed in their everyday clothes, no makeup etc, or do you prefer it when they're all dressed up, hair and makeup done etc.
The thing that prompted my to ask this question is that I have a number of photos of myself on my fb page, some of them are when I went to a ball and got all dressed up. These attracted some attention from both my girlfriends and the men I'm friends with. Then I recently went on a holiday and had a picture taken of me in just jean shorts, a singlet top, no makeup, hair just up in a messy bun and this attracted much more attention from people, especially the men (something that seemed very odd to me, as I'm not one of those girls who just looks good as is... in my opinion.)
So how about you? Which do you tend to prefer? Girl/boy next door, or completely dressed up?

  • I prefer the everyday girl/boy next door
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  • I prefer a boy/girl to get dreesed up
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C'mon guys and girls, you must have preferences one way or another.


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  • I prefer women in daily clothing. Don't make yourself uncomfortable. I'm going to stare at your whatevers regardless.


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  • Girl next door. The everyday look is more sexy because it has an ''innocence''

  • What if "dressed up" IS their everyday clothes?

    • So we're assuming she doesn't have jeans and sneakers and things of that nature? By dressed up I mean like you're going out somewhere fancy, not just kind of dressing up an everyday outfit.

    • Right, she's got her heels and dress on all the time... because that makes her feel good about herself

  • I like when my girl is looking better than normal like she put on some extra lipstick she's wearing like some good shorts and a good shirt to an extent it's the typical everyday look but at the same time she's getting a little more dressed up if you see what I'm getting at :)

  • Dressing up is great once in a while, but it's nice to see a girl relaxed and comfy too


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