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Okay so there's a guy i really like, im not sure if he likes me. but he teases me a lot he calls me his wife all the time, and how we are going to get married and he calls me cute. which im probably taking this way to seriously). He gets jelous when i told him i had a boyfriend, Which i dont have one anymore. It lasted not even a whole week because he was still in a realtionship with his ex. I know my love life is a hot mess but hear me out. But then he was all like i can tell when you have a boyfriend you can't lie to me and he started getting really deffensive about it, so i tried to show him that i dont. So now we are talking again we joke around a lot, i really like talking to him one night we were talking on the phone after he got off of work and he was telling me about this crazy lady who wrote him a love letter and a few days later i teased him about it and he never messaged me back do you think he's upset with me its been 4 days since we last spoke and i dont want to be clingy but i really want to talk to him reallt soon his birthday is coming up also, so what do you think i should do should i message him or wait for him to?


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  • Message him, sounds like you want to talk to him, don't worry about dumb rules

    • Thankyou he just messaged me back were talking but I don't know i feel awkward oh well xD

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  • If he got all defensive about the whole boyfriend thing, he's obviously jealous of a sort. I'd say you never know until you try. If you like him, go after him. Try to set up a date or something.


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