He does everything a boyfriend does but we are not committed. ... does that make sense to you?

I have been seeing this guy for about six months. I met his family too early and things were moving too fast in the beginning. We decided to slow things down about 3 months ago. He goes to church with me, drives for me and he has met my bro and sis. I told him that I don't want to lose him and sometimes I feel like I'm not good enough for him. He says he knows I like him. He does everything a girl could ask for and he always make time to see me. Now I should have refrain from saying that I would like to see how things go and whatever hhappens I don't want us to be strangers. He says I am making him feel pressured a little. He hasn't told me he would like us to be exclusive but people who knows or see us together say that we look or act like we are. I don't know how to approach him about it. It's starting to feel awkward and I like the fact that he's dedicated. I don't want him to pull back. I'm trying not to worry about what others think. What do you think?


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  • Ignore what everyone says. Just enjoy the time you have with him now and when he's ready he'll make the choice to label it. For now, who cares about labels? Don't continue to pressure him into because that'll only push him away from you. Just go with the flow.

    • Thank you. My brother and sister is making me feel that way. My parents are coming in this weekend and he doesn't know that they know about him. I would like for him to meet them but I don't want him to feel pressured

    • Ignore your siblings. No offence, but this thing between you and this guy has nothing to do with them. It's just you and this guy. & You already met his family so it's only fair that he meet yours... Just ask him if he would be okay with that.

    • Thank you

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  • I was in situations like this and all I can tell you right now is: He won't be the one you'll marry and settle down with. If you want a serious relationship, look for a person who wants the same, no excuses about being pressured. If he loved you, he'd be comfortable with having a committed relationship. Of course, I can't judge the situation only from this short paragraph, but if I were you, I'd simply start distancing myself from him and eventually seeing someone else.

    • Yea I did. He came back and said he felt empty I was sad too bc I truly like him. He doesn't hide from my fam. They see him. We go to church together and spend time together when we can. I also noticed that he is going back to school earlier than I expected. He has told me some of his plans and goals. He takes me out to eat. That doesn't seem like someone who doesn't care.

    • Do what feels right for you, but a lot of times in situations like this people get into relationship that doesn't last only because one side likes/loves the other more. I understand that you like him, but you deserve to be loved and adored as well.

    • Yea he told me he wanted me to be happy and he too has tried to let go. We can't bc it feels like something keep pulling us together. We feel it.