Why do people treat me this way?

I don't know why. I always had a hard time making friends with girls when I was younger. In high school I had some, but like I would always lose their friendship.
In high school I was heavier. Men didn't like me and would only use me for sex. Girls were nice to me, but we weren't really friends
Even my own mother was mean to me. I'm not even making this up. People would say it, and even a therapist told her she was abusive. My mom use to always mentally abuse me about everything, especially about my weight. I lost the weight and now men treat me a lot better. They treat me better than most girls. It feels good, but I'm extremely bitter.
But women will are not straight up bitches or fake. You know, even if they aren't saying anything you can tell they hate you, by the way they look at? It's just all over their expression. In their eyes. Even when they smile
Like most girls have girl friends. Me? No. only bi or lesbians are nice to me. I have nothing wrong with that, but they always try shit.
Like I want someone to talk to men about and vent.


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  • My ex-wife never really got along with women and didn't like them. She preferred the straight-forward way men deal with each other and felt like women are too indirect and beat around the bush. So don't sweat it!

    • This has nothing to do with being direct
      This has to do with women being bitches, leaving me out, and just being mean

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    • Then why do men treat me differently

    • Without knowing you and how you act I can't answer that. You may want to read some books on relationships, or listen to relationship advice podcasts (Savage Lovecast by Dan Savage for one) to help you find out what it is about the way you think that is different from most people. Someone who knows you well might be able to help answer that better than a total stranger.

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  • You may have some issues still about your mom, if you feel that even girls that are smiling at you secretly hate you. Some girls are bitches, some are judgmental, but you avoid them and feel sorry for them because they are obviously really insecure. You just need to find girls who seem happy and positive about life, because they are the nice ones. Joining groups where it's mainly females is also really beneficial too, especially if it's a hobby/interest you share.
    Girls are really not that mean, or at least that's been my experience. The majority of my friends and certainly all my close friends are girls, and the key to good female friendships in my humble opinion is being supportive. Being encouraging and being kind. Girls have it really hard, especially in terms of appearances and confidence. We not only are judged by others but we're our own harshest critics, and you need your friends there stand tall with you and say you know what no-one's perfect, I'm not perfect either, but that doesn't mean we are not awesome!

    • Trust me I tried that. My most social environment is work

    • Work can be hard, some girls think they'll be taken more seriously if they act like bitches... it's also partly a competitive thing. Which is silly because really if you want to get ahead being positive and nice to people as well as obviously doing your job well is what earns you respect at the office. It is really hard i think to find friends in general, once you're out of school and in the office. Work takes up so much of your time and everyone has different schedules. Have you tried meetup? It's a site that lets people organize groups you can sign up to and do activities together. Don't give up, eventually you'll meet some girls who you just get along with so well, it's like automatic. Don't lose hope.

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