Zodiac people!.. Confusing Capricorn guy... wtf?

I met this Capricorn guy online a while ago.. And he showed interest.. Then disappeared.. showed interest.. disappeared.. I got "crazy" BC wtf? So about 2-3 months ago he disappeared again.. N just the other day he messages me asking how I've been.. Whatever.. Says he's just been working.. Talked alittle.. but he is just always aloof.. My question.. y did he come back AGAIN if he's just going to drive me crazy by being aloof? .. i assume he's somewhat interested.. but who knows bc he barely opens up.. Should I ask him what his intentions are or what?


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  • Do you actually believe in that?

    • lol i knew someone was going to say something.. but yes i actually do.. bc for my personal traits.. everything is right.. but i understand that some people don't believe in it

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