Okay trying to figure this girl out?

Okay so I have been going on with this girl for a month. I don't really understand her, she is quite and seems shy. She asked me a lot of times if I am virgin (I don't know why), but I told I am (which is true). So each time I asked about herself and she told me yes (with a shy/nervous pause), which to me screams out hell no. Anyway I never pushed it just act like I believe her. Well on the two last dates we were hugging up and she would put her hands under my shirt and on my chest and whatever. So I did the same, but she would push my hands away. On the last date she put her legs in between mine and started presssing up on my crotch and she put her hand down there for a little bit. So put my hand on hers and she pulled it away immediately (did it twice). I don't understand this girl.

P. S. Not to mention she was going to go to another state, but decided to stay in state, but still to a far city to where we are now. She always asking if I love her, and when I do say it, then asks if I mean it. When I was with her on the last date I felt good, but just kind of worried about certain things. Not like cheating or whatever even though she could, but for some reason I would normally feel very worried or have a bad gut feeling. Yet this time even though I feel there is some B. S., even though there are not real flags other than this going off in my head.


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  • My first thought is that she may have been raped and doesn't want to deal with it, but clearly has issues with sex/being touched.

  • Maybe she doesn't want to rush it because she doesn't know if you still have interest in her after you have sex, if you guys decide to. If she's a virgin it might be best to leave her alone if you dont have these feelings for her. Do you believe she's a virgin?

    • No, but for me that's not even important. I might think about it, but it's not that important in the end. The thing is why lie something that small, which means when there is more at stake she would lie again.

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