What's wrong with me? Help please?

I'm a 20 year old girl and I get hit on all of the time even when I'm with a group of friends, guys always hit on me. It's getting old and all of my friends say that I can get "any guy" BUT I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN A REAL RELATIONSHIP ever, just flings, dates. I always like guys who don't feel as strong and don't like the guys who like me and I tried giving one of them a chance and if failed
I'm the biggest flirt too but why can't I ever just be in a relationship? It's a never ending cycle
I hate getting to know people over and over and it not going anywhere


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  • Walk up to the guys you think are attractive and say "Hey..." It'll make them feel good if nothing else. Also, a lot of the guys who aren't the douchey type (sounds like what you have described) typically don't just walk up to girls and talk to them, nor do they have experience, so don't be turned off if they don't reciprocate the flirts, they'll realize once you walk away that they fucked up and were too dumb to realize it.

    • Then try being grateful for other things and stop focusing on how annoyed you feel by guys flirting with you.

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    • I'm just wondering why no one ever wants to be in a relationship with me. People just play games with me

    • Do you have hot friends? Are you in college? Where do you get approached? Are you smart/dumb? Are you outgoing? Are you an easy fuck?

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  • Are you really complaining that too many guys flirt with you?

    • I've never been in a real relationship so it's draining me out I don't want that anymore..

    • Everyone has failed relationships but if more people are interested in you then you have a better chance at finding a relationship that lasts. You have no reason to complain. Would you prefer no one had any interest in you?

    • That's not what I meant lol. Just because men "get at me" because of my appearance it doesn't mean that they're interested in me for the long run.. It gets frustrating

  • I've had this problem, still kind of do. We're in the same boat so I'm not really sure what to tell you that'll make it less frustrating when it doesn't work out... Just try to keep in mind that the "right one" is out there. It just take patience and time...

  • Maybe you need to show some more skin? How big are your boobs?

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