Why doesn't it ever work out?

Im so sick and tired of this. Im so sick and tired of being alone and never have had a boyfriend.
I try online dating, dating apps, and it never works out.
I was on date with a guy yesterday and he was very nice and polite and smart, he was 28 and i am 22 but the chemistry wasn't really there, i was bored.
He said the same, he ment there was no chemistry so we just kept it friendly, and thats okay but UGH why can't i meet someone who fits perfect for me im tired of all this DATING
I feel like there is something wrong with me


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  • Your young yet give it time dont push it

  • perhaps you could simple change your angle on this and change your approach to dating?

    • i have and this was the last straw.. i feel like i was boring compared to him, he was well traveled and was smart and had a great job and im still in college etc etc.. why bother dating

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    • well follow your gut you are a sentient creture after all : )

    • But with some guys im so much fun and some are just so boring that i can't be myself, like this one

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