Did I Screw Things Up... Or Is It Possible She Likes Me?

I am abused by both of my parents and it's pretty bad, I don't really want to get into details, but it's relevant to the story. Anyways, there is this girl I really like, she is so beautiful and a great person. We text everyday, and she makes sure I hug her everyday. She went to homecoming with me and we grinded and slow danced and it was a great night. She has told me I am handsome/cute a few times before. Well our class went on a field trip to a camp for Friday-Sunday. Well, right before I left for camp, I had been depressed and having suicidal thoughts for about a month. And so I kinda put up a front while I was at camp, it was in the 20's and she didn't have a jacket, so I let my own ass freeze off so I could do the chivalrous thing and give her my jacket. And luckily she wanted to snuggle up against me and that gave me a little warmth. When we were leaving the camp my mom started texting stuff to make me feel bad and it worked. When we were on the bus I chose to sit by myself and I was crying, a lot because I didn't want to go home cuz I knew what was waiting for me, and I was seriously considering ODing when I got home. And she saw me crying and told me to come sit next to her. And then she did something that had a very maternal sense about it, she sat in my lap, because there wasn't room, and held my head against her chest and ran her fingers through my hair and just told me it was ok. And she told me that her parents abused her too and that she'd tried to kill herself a lot of times. And I just cried and told her what I am going through. She just held me tight like that for the whole 3 hour drive home. And it felt really good to confide in someone and feel that affection that i dont get from my parents. And at the end she kissed me on the cheek and wanted me to talk to her everyday. What I am worried about is one of my guy friends told me that if she saw me cry that that means that I have 0% chance now because it's a huge turn-off for girls. Girls, is that t

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Girls, is that true?


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  • No, it's not true. My Mom told me that she knew my father is "the one" after she saw him cry. I think we girls D. O. N.'T LIKE see guys cry. It's more like we feel you TRUST us to see you cry, because guys usually is too arrogant to cry (you know, 'cause there's saying "man don't cry"). But, me -as a girl- actually like a guy who could show his emotion and his feeling to me (without hurting me when he's angry or disappointed -by me or someone else-).

    • Oh, well like I said, that is very good to know. It is definitely that seems to be promoted by both media and male social groups that men aren't supposed to cry in public unless someone dies or something, and ever then... eh. Well thinks for the advice. :)

    • Well, it's nice to help you.. Hope your relationship goes well.. :)

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  • Your guy friend is a douche. A girl likes a guy who trusts her enough to cry in front of her.

    • Seriously? And he's not a douche, he is actually a really nice guy, he was trying to help me out I think and was telling me I needed to move on. But I don't know, I think he was just saying what he actually believed. But girls really like it when guys cry in front of them? Why?

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    • Well that is a big relief to hear. I really like this girl. I do feel like we bonded, even though it was a little awkward because she has Loretta decent sized breasts (C cups if I had to guess) and some of her cleavage was showing so when she pressed my head against her chest, my cheek was making skin-to-skin contact with her breasts, and it was just really awkward for me and I don't know, it felt... weird. But despite that, the rest of it felt really nice to talk to her like that, especially because she can relate to my situation because her parents emotionally and physically abuse her too.

    • Sorry auto-correct. Instead of "Loretta" it is supposed to be "pretty"

  • Fuck your friend

  • Oh bless your heart :( I don't think she will care if your were sad and cried. Why do boys think it's bad to cry. ? Sometimes we all just have to feel sad and cry.

    • I don't usually cry in public, just by myself, because I do feel like it is effeminate, but I just really couldn't help it this time. It was the first time I have ever cried in public, and I don't know what to do.

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