Is it possible for me to get a bf because im pregnant with twins is it or not?

I dumped my bf now ex and I was wonder if its possible to still get a bf or not?
if not please explain ur reasons why
and be honest too
plus the truth won't hurt

is wrong or right
if wrong please explain y
if right please explain y also

and p. s take care all u and thnks fr helping me and I vaule ur opioions too.


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  • You could still get a boyfriend it's probably just harder to get one now since you're pregnant not many guys that are in their early 20's want a baby yet. It just takes a special guy with patience and support that will come into your life. A guy who really loves you wouldn't care that you have children and would accept everything and you never know he could also see your kids as his own. My friend has three kids and she has had boyfriends and dated.

    • I have a friend who wants to date me either way but he's an emo and I don't know what to say he cares a lot...

    • You could give it a try if you want. Just trust your feelings. It is hard too since he is your friend I know you're proably scared cause you don't want something to happen to your friendship but he could also possibly treat you really good :) but do what makes you happy :) and thanks for the MHO :D

    • No problemo
      yes im scared to ask him

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  • Maybe it's possible but I wouldn't ever consider dating someone who is currently pregnant with another mans baby sorry.
    To me that would mean I'm taking on someone else's reposiblity when im actually just looking to date and not have anything serious right away.

  • I like to be invested in who I'm dating, and if I'm dating you I'd like I have to take care or help with your kids. I'm not looking to take care of a baby at this point in my life, even if I was your age. It's not impossible but you'll find that the majority of guys will feel the same way about this. Your biggest responsibility right now are your babies so I think you should set aside your dating life for a while until you have some stability once again.

    • true im just saying if its possible im not into doing it im foucus on the twins and life with them

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    • Thanks! You too :)

  • It is possible, just a LOT harder. give your friend a shot. I do not know why so many people think that they should not date their friends. In a good marriage your partner IS your best friend. If you start with that it should be great.

    • true ik thnks ik its going too be a lot harder but I just wanna focous on my twins till there here and
      give dating a go

  • I do think it is possible. Anything is. Just to be honest with you though. Most men are not willing to enter into an already made family type situation.

    • there one guy he's my friend and emo and truly loves me in everyway
      and thnks fr your honest awnser

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    • Take your time, relax. Just ease into it and don't be in any big hurry. This will scare most guys if you rush it. Looking at your situation, I would see it as friendship with possibilities. If it's meant to be, The pieces will fall into place. Cheers.

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  • You can but I'd forget a man right now

  • Truthfully, it will probably be difficult to find a serious boyfriend at this stage of your life. Most guys your age aren't looking to be tied down with children just yet, especially children that aren't theirs to begin with. I'm not saying it's impossible. That special guy could be out there, but it will be harder. My advice is to not worry about it so much. Once your babies are born, your life is going to change dramatically and that is going to be the focus of your life. You are probably not going to have the time or energy to date until they are older. Just keeping it real here.

    • thnks fr your honest response but there's a emo guy friend I know fr ever and I know he loves me he shows it and im scared too ask him

    • I don't know him or you, so whether or not you ask him is strictly a personal decision. However, I can tell you that once your babies are born, they will occupy most of your time and it will be extremely difficult to cultivate a new relationship. If you decide to go forward with this, just don't expect too much.