Have you ever had feelings for someone but didint realize it untill a certain moment or simply denied it? What made you realise it?

How did you deal with our feelings?


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  • Yes. I realized it after being around them for three years and not realizing that. I inhaled peace and let them go over many days.

  • i kind of didn´t want to have feelings because we were friends. and i allways denied it because i told myself it´s just because she´s hot. but after 2 years of friendship, i realised that i enjoyed time with her so much it couldn´t possibly be just friendship for me. so i confessed it to her...

    • And what did she say?

    • well she said she was not interested xD because at that time she allready had a thing with my best friend, which i didn´t know, because he was cheating his actual gf at the time with her so he didn´t tell me... now they´re together for 2 years or so allready.

    • he doesn´t know about it though.

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