Should I confront someone who bragged about having sex with me?

i liked the guy before but turned he is a narcissistic jerk , i didn`t chase him or never exchange any number or messages , but i recently learned that he told his friends , i`m totally stalking him and begging him to have sex with me (such as asshole), should i tell that in his face that he should f*** off or ignoring is better


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  • I wouldn't have a problem confronting someone who was lying about me. Stand up for yourself if you feel it's necessary. Just make sure you haven't given him a reason to think any of the things he's saying. If you haven't, let him have it with both barrels!!!

  • You should probably at very least tell him to fuck off but preferably pursue legal action. I am not sure where you live but what he is doing is considered slander and you can sue or charge him for it. If you just ignore it, it will likely continue and everyone will think it is true. If you just tell him to fuck off you just look like a crazy bitch. If you pursue legal action it will be proven you are right and it will be a warning example for anyone else who tries to fuck with you.

  • Has he ever sent you anything personal or naughty or indicating he likes you?

    When I saw him next I'd embarrass him. I'd say something like you were interested in him but then your sight came back. Or you saw him for the pathetic child he is. I don't know, you must have something on him?

    Or just be mature and walk away. Ignorr his dumb shit.

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