Dating older men. (15 years my senior) what are some big do's and don't?

this is aimed toward the older men here, or women who have dated older men. 'm 26yrs old and looking into dating older men. (15 years my senior) what are some big do's and don't? I've dated guys around my age , younger than me and a little older than me (7yrs). I'm in no way a gold digger but am over the immature games, getting stuck with ALWAYS paying the tab and having drama over ridicules things.. Any and all help is appreciated.


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  • My girlfriend is 10 years younger than me. Other than her teasing me about my age, there's really not much difference between us that we have to work around. However, we both have children and careers - so our lifestyles are similar. I'm in my 40s and she's in her 30's and we don't have any issues with the ages.


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  • Hi ! I am 25 dating a 37 year old... Same as you, I've dated men a little older (4 years) and a guy younger (3 years younger). For me, learning he was 12 years older was nothing but a number... We never notice it, because he is very fun and young in his mind (37 IS young, but you get what I mean. You can have 25 year olds that take like too seriously and look 45, and vice versa. He is the vice versa.) You do get more stability as in, he is ready for things that a 26 year old will still hesitate on, and that can either be good OR bad. Let me explain. Things that you may want to try or build (perhaps a marriage, have a child, or just something silly) he may have already done because 15 years is a lot of time in one's life - and he may not want to do them again.
    I'd say the DONTS are, to avoid talking too much about his early twenties or teen years... I say this from experience : gets really awkward in the room when both of you realize that when he was 18 and getting drunk, you were 6 and crying over Mousafa's death on the Lion King. Lol.
    A little more serious DONT, is DONT expect the age to be your relationship saviour. I mean, men will be men, he can be 40 and still let you pay the tab, still have a crappy job or still be immature or unwilling to setlle down. Age truly is nothing but a number.

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