There is a woman I have been talking with for almost 6 months, the first 4 months were great after month 5 this is what happened, help?

After those 4 months came month 5, this is where it gets rocky. She lives out of state by the way. We went out on a date and the date didn't go so well. I was sick and not very much like myself, well 3 weeks after the date she and I took a little time apart because she had been acting distant/cold, now I almost ended it with her when she tried to corner me on Facebook. Why is she messaging me through Facebook and not texting/calling? She in her late 20s by the way..


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  • At the 4 month mark the lady wants to know where things are headed.
    Predictable... boring... yawn!
    That's why players ditch at this point!

    • That makes sense, what's her reason to reverting back to messaging on facebook?

    • So I guess I should ask her what she wants out of this?

    • She is messaging me on Facebook, should I call? she also said she appreciates how easily I care and that its a gift..

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  • Seems to be some kind of communication gap between you and her, which has inadvertently creeped in. Not a big deal, just have a serious talk about this and get it resolved.

    • Well the communication gap was, she was acting distant because I was being needy and she wanted space, I would rather have the conversation on the phone, not like a high schooler on Facebook lol.

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    • Right now I'm just trying to gauge her interest level and see if she is a lost cause

    • Am I friend zoned?
      Its okay. Nothing to apologize about. I hope you're doing well.
      Keep warm

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