Valentine's day gift or no?

If you have only been seeing someone for a couple weeks, and you just found out that the person you're seeing made you something for Valentine's day. do you make or get them a gift as well?


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  • I'm not so sure about "Making a Valentine's day gift would be what I wanted, however, your lover may see it that you put personal effort into the gift. I would say that you should definitely get him a Valentine's day gift. You've only been seeing each other for a couple of weeks so it shouldn't be anything too nice. I would say if you're going to buy something put a cap of $50 on it. I can't tell you what to get him because all guys have different opinions. For example, I would enjoy a rose, black rose, scarf, etc. However, other people may want things more "Manly than those. I hope this helped,
    -Best of wishes,


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