Fellow Guys, if you have ever shaved your head at a young age like myself ( to the skin at 19-early 20's) did it affect you luck with ladies?

I'm a 19 year old who has a condition called TE, hair thins diffusely but no bald spots, that being said it looked pretty sickly so I shaved it to the skin. Truth be told I like it, everyone says I have a good head for it and it fits me (which is surprising because I'm a skinny white guy) I don't try to hide it or anything, no hats etc. honestly there is only one aspect that concerns me; girls. What are the ladies I find attractive going to say? I asked this to girls on here a while back and most said it didn't matter or could be attractive, however some guys posted that it screwed them over. So given all that, to those of us who've completely removed hair this young, did you still attract decent women?

  • I shaved my head to the skin and I was fine, women still were attracted to me
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  • I shaved my head to the skin and they wanted nothing to do with ne
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  • I haven't shaved my head but I doubt it's an issue
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  • I haven't shaved my head but I'd imagine it'd hurt your chances quite a bit
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  • I have TE too , and i shaved it my head last year , girls loved it probally because i have a muscular body and a beard that made it look " sexy " that's what they said.


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  • I know I'm a girl but I shaved my head and it didn't affect me and my options in the dating world

  • Better bald, but not half bald... it looks gross

    • What if you can slightly see shadow? You know the tiny bit of roots under the skin? Nothing gets those out and shows where a guy doesn't have hair-now mine is very light so you can't really see too much but yeah:


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    • Well, if u look at jason stackman and how he is bald and still masculine and good looking...
      Just have confidence in urself.
      I hate when men are half bald itm looks really gross

    • I know I just mean I worry you can see my 'half baldness' in the shadow I put, or is that light enough it wouldn't bug you

What Guys Said 1

  • Well looking at Vin Diesel, Jason Stathom, Steve Austin, Dwayne Johnson etc. They look cool.
    I've never been bald tho. I think it depends on your personality and 'status'